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The students at South are off to a great start at the beginning of the new school year with their D.E.A.R. programme, designed to improve and extend reading abilities.  Drop Everything And Read is a ‘whole school’ initiative covering main school and sixth form students.    Every Monday PSD session is dedicated to quiet reading with students bringing in a favourite book, borrowing one from the Hub or using one of the books from a book box found in every classroom.    Jayme Allen In Yr9 said “Reading always helps me to clear my mind and avoid stress and Joe Ranford, also in Yr 9 said “It’s a great opportunity to read for pleasure in school every week.”  Staff are also using this dedicated reading time as an opportunity to delve into their favourite book with both staff and students reading together.’

Miss Croft, South’s English & Literacy Co-ordinator said “Not only is South buzzing about books during PSD time, English Language lessons are now even more exciting than ever with Year 9 students having the opportunity to read their Accelerated Reading book and take quizzes whenever they finish their book. Students achieving above 80% on each quiz are entered into a half-termly draw and join our magnificent ‘Tree of fame’ display in the Hub. In addition to this, form groups will now be competing against each other to gain the coveted trophy based on the number of quizzes taken in the winning form each month.”