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Year 9 Trips to Popular Museums

Over the past few months, our school has provided a variety of trips for year 9 students. We had a geography trip to the Natural History Museum and Science Museum and also a history trip to the Imperial War Museum.

On 3rd February around 50 students went on a geography trip to London. We started at the Natural History museum and we were given a question sheet to fill in as we went around.  When we arrived we were led in to a large room where a Geographer from the museum gave us a talk about the tectonic plates. After the talk we were allowed to walk around the museum at our own speed.  We were able to see many different types of fossils and dinosaur skeletons which, ironically, brought the exhibition to life. Once we had finished lunch, at about 1:15pm, we travelled to the Science Museum.

At the Science Museum, the teachers took us up to many of the different themed levels. For example, one of the first levels we were allowed to explore was climate change, featuring many different types of games, teaching us the importance of looking after our world. 

On 24th February, some year 9 students visited the Imperial War museum in London for the day. We completed some fun activities related to World War 1. This included watching and analysing clips from ‘the battle of the Somme’, a film which was created during the First World War. Its purpose was to demonstrate what was happening to the families of the soldiers fighting for our country and also the lifestyle they were living during this period in time. After this we got to have a look around the museum, going at our own pace and taking lots of pictures. Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable trip!

During an interview with both Miss Lodwick (one of the four teachers that attended the geography trip) and Mr Holland (a teacher that was present on the history trip) they both agreed that by the end of two days, they had managed to re-enforce student’s final GCSE choices.

Also, during that same interview, Mr Holland believed that the importance of trips, like our visit to The Imperial War Museum, is that “it brings some of what the students have been studying to life and allows them to see for themselves what living in this time was like”.  The harsh conditions of the trenches, in which many soldiers of the First World War were once living, became more realistic to students.  

Miss Lodwick told us also, that she felt the purpose of a geography trip to those types of museums, was that they can provide the students with a wider variety of technology to try out. For example the seismometer that the students were allowed to experiment on which is what geographers use to measure the size of an earthquake.

The main highlights of the two trips, one of the students felt, were the talks during the history trip and also the earthquake simulator. ‘The reason we thought that the talks were so good is because they broke up, what was a great, yet long day!’ ‘The earthquake simulator was brilliant as it showed us what real earthquakes are like. As in the U.K we don’t get to experience many’.

Overall both trips were worth attending, and also provided us students with more knowledge on subjects we had covered in lessons. As we are currently making our pathways choices, the trips are sure to have helped guide students in the direction of their future studies.

By Leah, Hannah, Georgina and Amelia (Year 9)

Edited by Leah and Hannah (Year 9)