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Billy Elliot

Billy Elliot has recently been discontinued in the West End and South Bromsgrove has been very fortunate to be able to perform it as their school production this year.

The film/musical is set during the coal miners’ strike in the 1980s. The Elliot family have always been miners and Billy’s father expects him to join him and his brothers when the time comes. Billy’s father has been giving him money to go to boxing lessons but he isn’t very good and he doesn’t enjoy it so he decides to use the money on dance lessons instead, without his father knowing. Billy’s dance teachers prepares him for the audition that could change his life, the audition to the dance school!

School productions come once a year, and are very important and fun opportunities that can be taken by anyone especially for people who want to be a part of the entertainment industry as a future career.

Year ten students, Millie, Maddie and Amy were all enthusiastic about taking part in the annual school play.  Millie, a GCSE dance student, declared the experience as ‘tiring, but definitely worth doing’.  When asked if she would recommend it to others, Maddie confirmed that she would: ‘I think it’s one of the best things I’ve done at South and I’m definitely going to do next year’s play.’ Amy agreed with them both and stated that it had encouraged her to meet other students that she would not normally meet and described the atmosphere as ‘welcoming’ and ‘fun’.

The play was a complete success – as usual – and the hard work from students and staff paid off enormously.  The only question is what will be next year’s choice?

By Lui (Year 9)