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Do you constantly have various mood swings? Blame it on your brain shape!

Various researchers at Cambridge University have conducted a study to analyse people’s brain shapes. They collected 507 brain images to look for links and various personality traits, the team worked out that the outer layer of your brain can describe your personality. The thicker and more folded your brain is can lead to you having more common mood swings, these people are described as having a neurotic brain. Compared to people who usually have “open” personalities and who are creative constantly curious, have a thinner outer layer to their brain, having a larger surface area in total.

Dr Luca Passamonti says this can even provide earlier diagnosis of severe anxiety, as well as other psychiatric disorders. He has described the brain to be like a rubber sheet the way it folds and stretches, increasing the surface area. This stretching can cause the human brain to expand rapidly, without becoming too big for our skills. Researchers could link all bran images to 5 different personality traits such as; neuroticism, openness, enthusiasm, agreeableness, and self-control. According to this research we become less neurotic as we become older due to being able to handle emotions better and becoming wiser at handling situations. Lecturer Dr Tara Swart mentions that “We can simply complete 30 minutes a day of brain training, it will show measurable amounts and physical differences in our brains creating more folds.” By doing mindful tasks such as drawing, reading, walking, socialising, and even eating. Yes! Eating how simple is that an everyday task could lead to your brain working quicker and more efficiently, compared to right now. Put away all technology and relax, while improving your brain activity, how smart and happy can we all become by doing this?

By Gaby Livesey