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Year 9 Geography Trip

Last month, about 50 year 9 students were able to go on a geography trip to London, where we visited the Natural History Museum.

After leaving the school at 7am, it took us three hours to get there; we arrived at exactly 10:00, the Natural History Museum has two entrances, we went through the Exhibition Road, and we were all lead into a big room, one of the staff members talked about natural disasters and tectonic plates. We learnt about the different tectonic plates and how these, physical causes, cause earthquakes and volcanic eruptions; then we were able to wander around the museum and have a look for ourselves. First we had a look at the dinosaurs’ gallery, there we explored the different time periods they lived; and we read myths about how and why they died. We saw a skull of a Triceratops and one of the largest meat-eaters ever known, the Baryonyx.

Next we went to the Red zone, underneath the escalator is the Earth Hall, where we saw gems, minerals, moon rock and opposite the escalator full Stegosaurus skeleton. We were able to go up the earth hall escalator that passed through a massive metallic globe, this took us onto the 3rd floor, to the Volcanoes and Earthquakes gallery. Up here, we saw objects melted by lava flows, lava bombs, fossils and crystals. We went on an earthquake simulator and we saw a heat- resistant suit. We then explored the 2nd and 1st floor, which had loads of minerals, rocks, gems, meteorites and ores. Then we took the stairs back down to the ground floor, and we saw more skulls of dinosaurs and fossils.

Ms Clipson, one of the five teachers who were present at the trip, shared her views on the trip. “It was nice to see year 9 outside school and doing it for the fun of it…. Enjoying it because it’s there. It effects everyone and it is a big part of our world…” Miss Hirst also shared her views on the Geography Trip, “It went really well, the students were very enthusiastic. I especially like the earthquake simulator, it shows a realistic earthquake….. the things we did made everything seem more real.”


By Henna