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  • South's 50th Jubilee Party

    Published 12/03/20


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  • Thought for the Fortnight 6th - 17th July 2020

    Published 15/04/16
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  • Appeals Information

    Published 27/04/20

    Appeals for South Bromsgrove High Academy Trust

    Our appeals are organised by Worcestershire County Admissions Appeals team.

    If you wish to appeal for an Academy, Free, Foundation or Voluntary Aided School, then the appeal must be documented, including your full case and sent directly to the Mrs Banner Admissions coordinator email: by  29th May 2020.

    If you lodge an appeal, your child’s name is automatically entered onto the waiting list.

    It is vitally important that parents document the full reasons why they wish to appeal against the decision, including reasons why they require a place at a particular school and their personal circumstances.  The appeal panels need to understand fully, your personal reasons as it will not be possible to meet the panel and discuss this in person.  Therefore it is really important that you document everything you wish them to consider.  All of the information in relation to the individual cases will be provided to all parties, including the panel, parent and presenting officer from the Local Authority in advance of the hearing date. The Clerk to the panel will arrange, where possible, for you to participate in a questioning of the case session by telephone.  This is not to present the cases, as these will be circulated and read fully prior to the appeal.  The telephone session will give the panel and parent an opportunity to raise questions in relation to the case for the school, and the panel and presenting officer will have the opportunity to raise questions to parents in relation to their individual written submission.  It is also possible for the appeal to be decided on the written information submitted only and in some cases this may be the only way the appeal can be dealt with.

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  • Alumni

    Published 23/06/17

    Our ex-students, alumni, can be a powerful resource for us.

    We are now officially on linked-in as South Bromsgrove High. You can now become part of our Alumni group by adding us in your profile as your school or simply search Linked-in for South Bromsgrove High and click the follow button.

    Come join our alumni community and keep in touch with South and all it can offer even after you have left us.

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