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Spacedome visit to South Bromsgrove

What’s big, grey and dark on the inside? A Spacedome of course!

All the way from Keele University, courtesy of the Ogden Trust, came Scott Walker with his “pop-up” planetarium, or Stardome. As part of National Science Week, students from South Bromsgrove High were treated to an exploration of our solar system, our universe, and its origins. Partner middle schools also took part including Alvechurch, Aston Fields and St John’s.

Steve Clark, Head of Physics, said, “We’re just very grateful for the generosity of the Ogden Trust and their ambition to support physics in schools. It’s a great opportunity to inspire students and get them interested in the science of space.”







Before                                                                                                                                  …and after! You can hide 30 kids in there…