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Examination Results

Excellent A level standards continue at South Bromsgrove High

Sixth Form students at South Bromsgrove High have maintained the very high standards expected of an outstanding school both in A Levels and BTEC qualifications.

In 2019, 43.3% of all A level passes stood at A*-B (an increase on the previous year) and 48% of BTEC entries at Distinction Star or Distinction, with an overall pass rate of over 97% from a year group of 166.  There were many excellent grades across a range of subjects and a number of students performed extremely well with high grades across the board. These include:

  • Joanna Bunting – A A B C and A* for EPQ
  • Nicole Burdett – A A C and A* for EPQ
  • Amy Crawley- D*DD for Health and Social Care
  • Abbie Davis – A A A and A for EPQ
  • Serena Dhir – A* A* A and A for Core Maths
  • Thomas Downing- A* A B
  • Becky Gompertz- A*A*A*
  • Joe Griffiths- A*A*A*
  • Charlotte Harris Ward – D*DD for Health and Social Care
  • Naomi Hill – A A A and A* for EPQ
  • Lauren Jones – AAA
  • Noriaki Matsuo – A*AB
  • Luke Maclinden – A*A*A and A* for EPQ
  • Liberty Ralphs – D*DD for Health and Social Care
  • Susan Reston – A*AA
  • Charlotte Richardson – A*AA
  • Jessica-Mae Schneider – D*DD for Health and Social Care
  • Chloe Towler – A*A*A
  • Alex Uner – A*AA
  • Laura Mills- D*DD for Health and Social Care

In addition to academic success, 68 students in Year 13 completed their two year Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award Expedition and are set to claim the Award in September - a prize highly valued by universities and employers.

Improved outcomes for South Bromsgrove High

All of the GCSEs taken by students this year are the new reformed qualifications. These qualifications are designed to be more challenging and are assessed differently. Most GCSEs no longer include coursework and therefore the final grade is solely determined by the exams in the summer. These new GCSEs are also graded differently using a number system in which 9 is the highest grade and 1 the lowest. To give some context, broadly the same proportion of students will achieve a grade 4 and above as have achieved a C grade in previous years.

This year 71% of students in a year group of 322 have achieved a grade 4 or above in both English and Maths. This is an improvement on last year’s results and is a great achievement in light of the change to more difficult qualifications. Further to this, 16% of the students averaged the equivalent of an A grade or better across all their subjects. In addition to academic success, 148 students completed the Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award which supports the school’s aim of developing well rounded and resilient young people.

High performers included:

  • Josh Cormack (7 grade 9s and two 8s)
  • Beth Filer (7 grade 9s and two 8s)
  • Matt Gompertz (6 grade 9s and three 8s)
  • Isabel Allen (5 grade 9s, two 8s and two 7s)
  • Megan Haynes (5 grade 9s, two 8s and two 7s)
  • Josh Ball (5 grade 9s, three 8s and a 5)
  • Amelie Shorrock (5 grade 9s, two 8s, a 7 and a 6)
  • Alistair Clarke (3 grade 9s, three 8s and three 7s)
  • Eloise Gayle (1 grade 9, seven 8s and a 7)

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award success:

We were delighted, once again, with our D of E completions:
214  students completed the Bronze Award
148 students completed the Silver Award
68 students completed the Gold Award

South Bromsgrove High remains the largest school-based award centre in the country.

Key Performance Indicators 2019 

Key Stage 4

Percentage of students achieving a grade 4 or better at GCSE in both Maths and English Language or English 


Percentage of students achieving a grade 5 or better at GCSE in both Maths and English Language or English Literature                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Percentage of students entered for the English Baccalaureate


Percentage of students qualifying for the English Baccalaureate


Attainment 8


Progress 8


Percentage of students of students staying in employment or education after KS4 (destinations)


Key Stage 5 2019 

2019 Results


Average Grade

Points Average

No of Students


Progress Measure

A level and Academic (includes AS)






Applied General







GCSE Resits

No of Students

Progress Measure

Eligible Students









Destinations for 2019 leavers

%  Education

% Employment inc apprenticeships

% Other

% Not known





To view the full performance table on the Department for Education website for 2018-19 data click on the link below