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Meet the Team

Chris Smith

Role within the teaching school:  Headteacher

Areas of expertise: Assessment, curriculum development, deployment of Pupil Premium and strategic leadership and Partnerships.

What I love about teaching: Making a difference and securing the best possible outcomes for all our students, regardless of their background.

Pam Taylor

Role within the teaching school:  Teaching School Link Trustee

Areas of expertise: Teaching and Learning, developing partnerships, talent-spotting and succession planning.

What I love about teaching:  Each day brings a fresh challenge and an opportunity to engage with new students and teachers which is both energising and very rewarding.

Andrea Taylor

Role within the Teaching School: Director of Teaching School / ITE Lead

Areas of expertise:  Professional Development, ITE, Research and Development, Teaching and Learning.

What I love about teaching: I love teaching because I love learning. I have a keen interest in the process of learning and how we can harness the best that is known about effective teaching to improve outcomes for children. I love a challenge and I love that every day is different 


Emma Freyd

Role within Teaching School: Teaching School Coordinator

Areas of expertise:  Coordination of NQT Appropriate body, event management,  recruitment, communications.

What I love about teaching school: Meeting new people and witnessing teachers progress in their career to reach their goals.

James Siddle 

Role within teaching school: Deputy Headteacher,  NQT Appropriate Body Lead, NPQML /SL trainer.

Areas of expertise:  Leadership development, NQT induction tutor, curriculum development for MFL faculty, coaching and mentoring

 What I love about teaching: Fostering good relationships with young people and encouraging them to be more than they think they can be

Neil Dixon

Role within the teaching school: Director of Research and Development, Science SLE

Areas of Expertise: Research, Coaching and Mentoring, Science Curriculum Development and Accreditation

What I love about teaching: The thought that today might be the day in which something I say or do sticks with a student for the rest of their life

Chris Giles 

Role within teaching school: Coordinator of Aspiring Middle Leaders/Middle Leaders programme, Level 3 IEC Coach, RE SLE,  SLE trainer.

Areas of expertise:  Coaching and RE support, specifically curriculum development.

What I love about teaching:  Encouraging students to think critically and philosophically about life, the universe and everything!