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Year 11

KS4 Guidance Interviews: all students will be offered a 30 min one-to-one with the careers officer, some will require follow-up meetings which will be offered where needed.

Sep – May and beyond as required

Destinations evening: an information session for carers and parents about the year’s programme and processes students will need to complete for the various pathways after GCSEs are completed.

19 Sep

Mock Interviews: All year 11 students will participate in a mock interview carried out by a representative from local employers, colleges or national companies and bodies.

18 Oct

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme:

Participation is offered in year 11 with the capacity to cater for around ½ of the cohort  completing the Silver Award. The four sections of the award allows students to develop their skills, service to the community, fitness and independence through the expedition

Training after school starts Mon 21 Oct

Practice Expeditions between 26 -31 March

Qualifying expeditions between 6 – 10 July

Post-16 planning: PSD sessions and off-timetable block to research options for post-16 and link to career aspirations. Focus to provide information about level 2 and 3 apprenticeships alongside the familiar Sixth Form and FE college pathways

Off time-table 14 Nov

Sixth Form Open evening: This opportunity allows current year 11 students to find out what courses are available in the sixth form and the pathways available.

7 Nov

FE experience: All year 11 students will have a taster day in the school Sixth Form or in a local FE provider

10 Jan

Careers Fayre: All students have the opportunity to attend the Careers Fayre held on AR day to improve their awareness of local organisations that offer educational, apprenticeships, or other training pathways.